M Ward | Migration Stories

"It was in winter 18/19 - I flew to  Montreal to meet with Tim Kingsbury, Richard Reed Parry, Craig Silvey and Teddy Impakt at Le Studio Du Arcade Fire. It was a fine time with a dream team in a city I love. Winter in beautiful Quebec. Les semaines les plus froides de ma vie. 

I had a bunch of demos that were inspired by migration stories I had heard from friends or read in newspapers while on tour in Europe and North America. I remember being struck by the similarities of the stories I heard from both continents and how really only the names of the powerful and the powerless had changed - I thought of what my grandfather probably had to endure and the fact that I'll never really know.*

Some time went by and the stories wove together, and I remember them now closer to characters in a dream of how people could treat each other than any kind of front-page news realism. I think music subconsciously - whether writing or listening - is a filter for me  - helping to process all the bad news into something new to build from  -  some records to me are like self-fulfilling prophecies - visualizing change to wish something into being - those records inspired this one. And so...by the power of suggestion we recorded these 11 largely instrumental ballads - a sci-fi fast forward to a more silent night many generations from here to a maybe-era where movement is free again."

MW - winter 19/20

*si tu quieres saber, mi abuelo inmigró de Durango, México en el año mil novecientos once (1911). Por el precio de cincuenta centavos, él entró a una estación en El Paso, Tejas.  Trabajó como granjero en El Paso y Los Angeles cuando empezó a construir una familia.